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In-Depth HubSpot Review: 5 Years Of Real-World Use

As you have read the remarkable success stories, HubSpot’s super-helpful content, the pseudo-objective MIT research (hey, we're actually on that page), and the glowing praise about inbound marketing, you can close your eyes and visualize your company 12 months from now, basking in more traffic, leads, and customers. You breathe in the glory.Please savor that feeling. It’s a special thing.

I was in your shoes just five years ago. Except, I didn’t want to like HubSpot. I thought the company’s marketing was over the top, its sales team too pushy, and its claims over-exaggerated. I had my own approach to content marketing.But, to be honest, by doing things my own way I wasn’t experiencing the positive results HubSpot documented. Not at all. Even with my over-inflated sense of confidence in my own skills and the tools that I had cobbled together, I secretly wondered if I was missing out on something special.So, I took a crazy step.I tried HubSpot.By “trying HubSpot,” I mean that I spent a boatload of money on the software (way beyond what I really could afford back then).Since I mortgaged the farm to make it happen, I decided to follow HubSpot’s content marketing advice as much as possible, and do things HubSpot’s way.I made one more game-changing decision. I made my experiment public.What you’re going to read in the rest of this huge review of HubSpot is my personal take on HubSpot throughout our journey, especially in the first year.So, have we achieved the mountain top experience I dreamt of five years ago?Read on, dear friend.(Pssst. Want to take this review with you?

What is hubspottool.com ?HubSpot CRM is one of the leading CRM apps currently available on the market and a winner of our Best CRM Software Award for 2019.Free and simple, HubSpot CRM is built to be a platform that allows sales teams to get started quickly without making much of a change in their existing workflow. It is a solution ideal for companies that are still starting to recognize the value of CRM and want to try it out or for enterprises that are not using their existing CRM systems to their fullest potential.HubSpot CRM is a smart and easy option that carries all the necessary basic features but without the often confusing complexity many other CRM platforms have. Beginners and mid-market companies will also appreciate the fact that HubSpot CRM is currently a certified, premier Google partner, and is a solution that suits well all niches and industries.HubSpot will help you easily create beautiful contact and company profiles, as it can neatly organize every single detail from your customers’ communication with you. It effectively assigns and tracks your deals, controls the performance of your agents, and offers a single, detailed dashboard where all team members can keep track of the company’s activities. If you are already a HubsSpot Sales user you can also use HubSpot CRM for more effective inbound sales.At the same time, HubSpot is one of the best-integrated CRM platforms on the market and no other free CRM solution can offer the same level of integration. Some of the popular apps it integrates with are Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Zapier, Shopify and many other tools.Interested users can also take a look at HubSpot Marketing – an advanced system from the HubSpot suite that will align their CRM and marketing efforts in the service of improved traffic and conversion rates. The system helps develop successful lead generation strategies, primarily by enabling users to optimize their website content and distribute it among the right influencers and audiences.Overview of HubSpot BenefitsIt’s free and available to you regardless of budgetWhat makes HubSpot CRM a better solution than most CRMs today? First of all, it’s available completely for free. Any business, regardless of budget, can use HubSpot CRM at no cost and integrate it with just as many business systems and applications as necessary.You can link it to all locations of your sales processesThe first and most important advantage of HubSpot CRM is that you can link it to all places and locations where your modernized sales processes are taking place, including your websites, email service providers, social media profiles, phone calls, and more.It’s a flexible and powerful solutionHubSpot CRM will help you close more deals with less work involved, because it organizes and tracks each aspect of your sales pipeline, and helps you grow it and develop in the right direction. The data insights it provides are simply unparalleled, and will certainly help your agents save time they usually spend on research. You can enjoy as much as 1,000,000 contacts and users, and unlimited storage, all available for free. Unlike what you’d normally expect from a free software system, HubSpot actually responds to effectiveness criteria even better than a variety of paid tools. On top of that, it is also flexible enough to meet the needs of individuals, B2B and B2C businesses, those operating in retail, accounting, real estate, construction, or any other industry.It blends easily with all your ongoing sales processesOnce installed, HubSpot CRM will run in the background of all tools you are already using, and you will be able to trigger it whenever you need it. The list of available integrations is very long, and includes products such as Pipedrive CRM, SugarCRM, Bigcommerce, Gravity Forms, Base CRM, Google Chrome, Google Dynamics, Snapengage, Dropbox, and many more (see the integrations tab above for a full list). Basically, HubSpot is applicable in any software ecosystem, and blends easily in all processes and operations instead of asking you to modify those to its benefit.Intuitive interface and lead importingAs our experts like to call it, HubSpot CRM is a restless and powerful automation system, which will eventually help businesses close deals faster and cut the time they are spending on arranging customer documentation. It also offers some of the most powerful data enrichment functionalities, thanks to which you can import leads from your emails with a single click. Another way in which HubSpot CRM perfects the art of efficient customer relationship management is with fast leads backlog, and the intuitive interface that doesn’t require any training or complex installations to master.
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Pros and cons of the HubSpotThe HubSpot CRM makes it easy to organize, track, and grow your contact list and sales pipeline, but like everything, it has both its pros and cons.Pro: It’s FREEAccording to HubSpot, the CRM will be free to use forever — even if you’re not a paying HubSpot customer.Not only is it free, but it includes unlimited users – meaning you can add your ENTIRE team – Marketing, Sales, whoever!Pro (Released in 2018): Live chatHubSpot released their Live Chat tool (Conversations) this year to all users, free or paid.It’s super simple to set up and manage, and you even get basic chat bot functionality to take your online visitor and customer experience to the next level.With paid levels of the HubSpot tools, you get even more robust functionality to be able to customize and manage live chat and incoming inquiries in a way that makes sense for your team.Pro: Better insightsThe HubSpot CRM tracks customer interactions automatically, providing valuable insights into customer behavior and making it easier to know when to follow up.With the Gmail and Outlook extensions, you’re able to track email opens and clicks to see how users are interacting with your emails in real-time.Note: for the free CRM, you’ll be able to see the first 7 days of tracked website activity on a contact. With HubSpot’s paid Marketing Hub tools, you’ll be able to see ANY tracked data.Pro: No customization limitsMost CRMs have annoying customization limits, but HubSpot allows you to customize everything to your brand and your specific sales process.(We saved an IMPACT client thousands a year with a customized HubSpot CRM.  Learn all about it here!)Pro: Uses the same database as marketing platform (no integration needed)Both marketing and sales perform best when they’re in alignment. The HubSpot CRM is natively connected with the HubSpot marketing tools, allowing a smooth transition of leads from marketing to sales in your funnel and far easier communication of data.As you grow with HubSpot, all of your data will remain in the same place — upgrading your subscription will simply give you added functionalities and features.Pro: can be used with other CRMsAt IMPACT, we often find that many of our clients enjoy using the HubSpot CRM for prospecting due to its simplicity and functionality (and integration with HubSpot’s other sales tools), but find Salesforce (or another legacy system) is still useful for other needs.Luckily, the HubSpot CRM doesn’t affect anything your organization is doing in other CRM platforms, such as SFDC or Microsoft Dynamics.They can be used simultaneously — and both can be integrated into HubSpot as well.Con: relatively newSince HubSpot CRM is still relatively new compared to other major CRM players, there are some feature limitations.However, HubSpot’s emphasis on research and development has alleviated many former qualms about the platform and there are updates being made to regularly.Con: LightweightAlthough HubSpot CRM is great for growing businesses, organizations with large sales teams might find that HubSpot CRM isn’t advanced enough just yet.Con: Lack of flexibilityCompared to other CRMs, HubSpot’s platform is relatively inflexible. While there are certainly features you can customize around your team’s processes and needs, we’ve found that organizations with very complex sales processes aren’t able to find the flexibility they’re looking for in the HubSpot CRM.Email Marketing On HubSpotEmail marketing, if you’re not familiar with it, is the use of email to build relationships with prospects and customers.Modern email marketing makes heavy use of automation so that you don’t have to manually send the same email over and over. Instead, you can send certain emails automatically, which boosts your productivity.In HubSpot, you already have a way of collecting email subscribers (lead flows), and a way of storing them (contacts). Now you just need a way to send emails to them, which is where email marketing comes in.HubSpot offers free email marketing as part of its marketing plans.On the free plan, you can send up to 2,000 emails a month, segment your contact database into lists, and personalize your emails using any CRM property.You can also report on your email’s overall success and see how each contact interacted with your email campaigns using the built-in analytics.Implementation/IntegrationAs a cloud-based marketing automation solution, getting started requires a simple account creation. Users can complete their HubSpot implementation in one of these three ways:Follow the instructions in this technical implementation guide.
Email the guide to their IT Admin or webmaster.
Call hubspottool.com directly to seek assistance from its support team.
A detailed guide on getting started with HubSpot Marketing is also available in HubSpot’s Knowledge Base.For subscribers to its Professional and Enterprise plans, HubSpot offers access to customer success managers and implementation specialists to ensure users have all the advice and resources
needed to implement HubSpot as swiftly as possible.HubSpot can integrate with several built-in and external solutions, such as Salesforce, WordPress, Zapier, SurveyMonkey, GoToWebinar, Eventbrite and UberConference.Customer Service & SupportCustomer support can be reached via email, phone or 24/7 live chat. In addition, HubSpot encourages customers to visit its HubSpot Community for solutions to its most common problems, as well as training programs and user guides.HubSpot verdictHubSpot offers some of the most extensive marketing tools available in a single platform while managing to deliver one of the best user experiences around. That’s a real achievement and the quality of the tools and features across each product is genuinely impressive.The only real area it left us wanting was in the marketing automation department, as this is really important to us here at Bestschemes. HubSpot does provide a solid set of automation features across its paid platforms but we needed more than it could deliver and this was the key reason we ended up using ActiveCampaign as our all-in-one CRM and marketing software platform.It just excels at automation.This doesn’t take anything away from HubSpot, though – as long as you understand the pricing model so you’re not surprised when next year’s bill lands in your inbox.Both ActiveCampaign and HubSpot offer free trials and it costs nothing to try them out for yourself. This should tell you everything you need to know about the two platforms and what you need from an all-in-one CRM and marketing suite.

HubSpot Free CRM - Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets
Manage your pipeline, log sales activity & store contact data. All in one place. Set up your free HubSpot CRM in minutes and start growing your business today. No CC Required. No Contract Needed. Easy to Buy, Use, & Love.

HubSpot Free CRM - Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets
Manage your pipeline, log sales activity & store contact data. All in one place. Set up your free HubSpot CRM in minutes and start growing your business today. No Contract Needed. Easy to Buy, Use, & Love. No CC Required.

HubSpot's Free CRM Platform - Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets
Manage your pipeline, log sales activity & store contact data. All in one place. Set up your free CRM in minutes and start growing your business today. Easy to Buy, Use, & Love. No CC Required. No Contract Needed. Types: Pipeline Visibility, Customizable Dashboards.

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HubSpot CRM Just Works. No CC Required. No Technical Setup. No Contract Needed. Organize, Track & Sell With Ease. HubSpot CRM is Free. Get it Today! Schedule a Free Demo‎.